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Sinac (Pvt ) Ltd was established more than two decades ago with a purpose of “Committing to develop and prepare a “Better Place “ to live and a promotable land plot as an investment had a very much of genuine and humble beginning. However, with the clear and genuinely transacted market dealings, we were in a position to continue with our market credentials with high levels of financial discipline, brand loyalty, customer care and Innovative approaches in the real estate market in Sri Lanka.. Apart from our real estate sector, SINAC has a market arm of purposely build modern houses. Sinac Residencies successfully entering in to the housing Market in Sri Lanka with world class technology for higher reliability. These housing projects can be developed in SINAC owned lands and also on your own property as luxury, semi luxury and Average houses with your supervision to assure the best comfort with your opinion.

From the inception, we have earned the trust and the credibility of our customers and we are with a set of loyal employees in order to provide the best of services to our customers with a pleasant working environment. We are always assuring an excellent customer care and best practices of customer caring as per their individual needs in the field of real estate and housing.

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